Atelier Haußmann

Our goal is to create objects with self- will. We try to give our designs individuality without affecting them by external expectations and trends. We set them up with the intention and space to grow. So they can unfold and evolve fully by themselves. Our leitmotif is determined by modesty, quality, robustness and sustainability. As a multidisciplinary design atelier, we are competent to plan and implement individual furniture, home accessories and ambitious custom-made pieces. Everything we do is carefully thought out and handcrafted due complex techniques in high-quality metal and wood. As a sophisticated furniture manufacturer, we have every single component made in traditional workshops in the proximity of Berlin and thus support local businesses. Through this collective path of creation, our pieces gain personality and embody diverse furniture and homeware design. Many of our creations have a very clear, graphic silhouettes and in their simplicity they pay homage to traditional steel craftsmanship and classic industrial design. Atelier Haußmann creates remarkable items that can be found solo or in harmonious combinations in homes or public spaces. They fulfill themselves in function, solution and style.

Lackaffe, trestle, yellow,
A height adjustable trestle made from oiled crude steel. It is applicable with several shelves and slabs. The same variable as Affe but powder-coated plays Lackaffe with the image of solid steel furniture.