AtelierHaussmann-Blumenampel.Gummivase Birgit Severin-detail

Blumenampel Edition

Design by Zascho Petkow
Handmade rubber vase by Birgit Severin
Both designers, Zascho Petkow and Birgit Severin, developed their projects Blumenampel and the ASHES series independently from each other.
The object combines the newest production techniques with handcraft. A novel type of materiality was developed through combining 3-D printing
with rubber rotation casting, resulting in a rough, matt surface overlaid with a sparkling pattern of jewel-like points.
Heigth 109 cm
Ø 22 cm
Handmade rubber vase Birgit Severin, black
ca. H 24- 32 Ø 17,5 cm