Lackaffe neongelb, Tischplatte Zascho Petkow


Design Thesenfitz & Wedekind A height adjustable trestle made from oiled crude steel. It is applicable with several shelves and slabs. The same variable as Affe but powder-coated plays Lackaffe with the image of solid steel furniture. Thesenfitz & Wedekind called themselves lucky to find something that perfect in form – something that can only be found, not invented. The brothers Andreas and Rainer Haussmann felt the same. They made the trestle fashionable again by manufacturing it in the traditional way with small Berlin craft producers.
Heigth 66 – 98 cm, width 42 cm
Depht 39 cm for sideboards
Depth 48 cm for slender shelves
Depth 60 cm for large slabs
Available in RAL standart colours