Top of the Petite table d'angle design furniture

Petite Table d'angle

Design by Hervé Humbert
The French artist Hervé Humbert reproduces preexisting “classics” from design, architecture and art history. In his process of building a replica, he engages in a dialogue with the object, traces and manually repeats what is visible in the model. He interprets the precursor by his selection of materials and sizes, by transposing details and contexts, making everything, wherever possible, by hand. The replica is only identical to its precursor at first glance. It becomes an industrially unrepeatable unique through subjective perception and Humbert’s
specific handwriting.
“Petite table d’angle” is an unusual table object in which Humbert blurs the boundaries between art and design.
The series developed for Atelier Haußmann is comprised of 31 unique objects each consisting of a remnant marble slab with a breakpoint, surrounded by a steel angle frame which has been individually composed to match the random shape of the slabs, yet remaining open at the breakpoint. Unexpected perspectives occur as a result of this tabletop which juts out like a cliff hanging over the frame and the arrangement of the table legs is reminiscent of architectural structures.