Design: Andreas Haußmann

The HERRENBERGER barstool is inspired by industrial workshop furniture of the 30ies. The round tube frame is powder-coated with solvent-free polyester resin in glossy- black or matt- black. The individual shape of the seat shell is turned by hand from a piece of beech, oak or walnut. The beechwood shell is stained black and transparently coated. Those made of oak or walnut are coated with a transparent matt finish. Different colors are available upon request.

Height 65 cm,  Width 36 cm, Tiefe 36 cm, Seat Ø 33 cm, Tube Ø 20 mm
Height 73 cm,  Width 39 cm, Tiefe 39 cm, Seat Ø 33 cm, Tube Ø 20 mm
Height 81 cm,  Width 41 cm, Tiefe 41 cm, Seat Ø 33 cm, Tube Ø 20 mm

Preise inkl. MwSt.
Weight N/A

H 73 x W 39 x D 39, H 81 x W 41 x D 41, H 65 x W 36 x D 36


Black Matt, Black Glossy, Chrome

Seat shell

Beech wood black stained and transparently coated, natural oak transparently matt coated, natural walnut transparently matt coated