Design: Thesenfitz & Wedekind

AFFE is a height- adjustable trestle made of iron that is known for its flexibility. The trestle- frame has different depths. In combination with individually sized tops and boards they can function in the office, boardroom or as console. The trestles are available in pair and represent an industrial addition to any tabletop. Price per pair. The industrial steel is oil- finished.


Available in 3 depths:
Height 66 cm – 98 cm, Width 42 cm

Depth 39 cm for consoles
Depth 48 cm for narrow boards
Depth 60 cm for office desks, broad boards

Preise inkl. MwSt.
Weight N/A

H 69 x W 42 x D 39 cm, H 69 x W 42 x D 48 cm, H 69 x W 42 x D 60 cm